Life by Who?

American Horror Story really brings out the best and the worst in me. There is always so much going on–so many things to see, so many thoughts to think, so many things to fire a person up. It was the most-watched hour of television on Wednesday nights for three weeks running, with more than 3 million people watching live each week. In other words, producers better hope they continue to give the viewers something worth seeing in between trips into the woods and encounters with some dude running around with a pig for a head. Evan Peters aside–it’s not the 40 minutes of a nightmare in Roanoke firing me up on Wednesdays, it’s the 20 minutes of in-between time. And this week it’s killing me.

Advertisers are smart. Why would you not choose to air your brand new (or even kind of old) commercial during one of the most anticipated shows of the week? There are many car commercials, a few Burger King commercials, an appearance (or three) of the Mila Kunis Jim Beam commercial we haven’t seen in a while, a few hundred ‘It’s Engagement Season’ Kay Jeweler commercials, a new Jack Daniel’s commercial, and a commercial for the new Google phone that was recently announced. Among this list is arguably the best commercial I’ve ever seen, and hands down the worst commercial I have ever seen. What’s your guess?

The Best: “Our Town”

You don’t have to drink whiskey to love this commercial.

It’s personal. It’s lovable. It’s SO INCREDIBLE.

This one made me feel, made me smile, and made me want to live in Lynchburg with Hiawatha Kitty McGee and her beautiful neighbors. Luckily I have my own Kitty at home, so I can cope without that becoming a reality.

The WORST: “Life by you, Phone By Google”

Here’s the thing: I watched this twice during AHS last Wednesday and thought it was so bad I had to tell someone. I watched it a third time to make sure I was sharing the right video. I never want to see it again.

This commercial is literally telling people to view life through a screen–Google’s new screen, of course. Throughout the entire ad, a big white block (representing a search bar morphing into a phone) is blocking the most important parts of the cool videos being shown in the background. It’s an invitation to stop seeing the most important things in life through our own eyes and see them through the screen of a cell phone.

‘Life by you, Phone by Google’. But tell me, Google, what happened to the actual living part? People do live through their phones. This is already a huge issue that doesn’t need to be glorified. Kids don’t know how to think for themselves and people of all ages barely know how to keep a conversation going without checking their phone about 10 times in five minutes or less.

It’s frustrating enough to have the most important view blocked, but to think about them promoting this as a lifestyle? I’m more than a little annoyed.

Concept? Awful.

So, Evan Peters, anyone?


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