Learning to Dance: 2016 Reflection

I am a passionate perfectionist. It’s a very frustrating combination, because not only do I want everything I do to be perfectly executed, but I also invest my whole heart and soul into the things I want to turn out perfectly. This is a cycle that frequently ends in disappointment, and I’ve never been one to enjoy disappointment. Then again, who does enjoy disappointment?

This year I found myself disappointed a lot. Some disappointments were due to my passionate perfectionism, but some were completely out of my control. So what do you do when you get hit with something you didn’t expect that you didn’t ask for or desire at all?

You dance.

Christ did not come to give us a life free of hurt or disappointment. He came to give us life that we may live to the FULL (John 10:10). When we’re hit with disappointment, we are not called to shut down. When we’re faced with trials, we are not called to give up. We are called to be equipped with the fruit of the Holy Spirit to be able to find peace and joy in times of trouble so we can dance upon the disappointments in front of us.

So what can happen when we lay our troubles down at God’s feet and start dancing upon everything that disappoints us?

Here’s what happened to me.

Some crazy things I got to do in 2016 (in order of occurrence):

1. Cut ALL my freaking hair off

Do I regret it? I don’t know, did you hear about Bun Week?

2. Talk to The Bachelor (Ben Higgins!) on Skype and go to the St. Louis Zoo in the same week.

Spring Break 2k16 was lit.

3. Meet my favorite group of girls ever.

They think Jesus is really cool too!

4. See Justin Bieber in concert for the first time. 

I only cried twice.

5. Become bffs with my bff Sam. 

While watching a lot of baseball games and improv shows.

6. Become assistant manager at JSP.

Can you tell who’s in charge? (That day it was Claire, the one on the far right.)

7. Break my toe at work for Snickers Ice Cream.

I got ice cream AND a memory!


AKA have the best 3 weeks of my life with 50+ of my new brothers and sisters?!

9. Sprain my ankle. Get a ‘Get Well’ milkshake.

More memories. More ice cream.

10. Go to Fall Getaway, Fall Fall Getaway with my Cru Crew. 

10-1. And have a cuddle session.

Take a look at that superbed!

11. Get Baptized!

With my day 1 homie by my side.

12. Turn 20

(with the best friends ever).

13. Score the best roomie on the planet.

And I know she’s going to put up with me for another year and a half!

14. Get hired to work as a desk clerk in Southwest (SouthBEST) Hall.

Some of my friends from work and me chilling on the first day of finals week.

15. Make and maintain the best friendships a person could ask for.

(And this doesn’t even show half of them!)

I disappoint myself when I can’t find inspiration or motivation or the right words to say. When the food I cook doesn’t taste good. When I don’t follow a plan perfectly. When I don’t try hard enough. When I give up on things or on people. I know I disappoint others, just as others sometimes disappoint me. I’ve been really disappointed over the years. The only difference this year is that I learned to dance.

Like I said in a Facebook post on my birthday: how could I have imagined this life?

“Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.” Ephesians 3:20-21

Thanks for reading posts about my life and advertising over the last few months! Have the happiest New Year and stay tuned for more fun in 2017. 🙂


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